The King Of Cannabis

Neville, 'the King Of Cannabis'

- by Steven Hagar

"I first visited the Netherlands in 1987 to write an article on the founder
of Holland's first cannabis-seed company. Titled 'The King of Cannabis',
the article described how an Australian named Neville got access to
some of the world's greatest known strains of Cannabis, and established
a mail-order company in Holland that eventually made him rich. He lived
in a mansion filled with growrooms, called 'The Cannabis Castle'.
While working on the article, I met the founders of Cultivators Choice,
an almost defunct American cannabis-seed company. They told me about
the spectacular California harvest festivals of the '70s. That's when
I got the idea of holding a Cannabis Harvest Festival in Amsterdam".

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Neville (The King Of Cannabis)
'The King' holding some nice bricks of 'Mazar e Sharif'
Hashish. (A picture from the 1987 'Seedbank'
Cannabis seeds mailorder catalogue).