The King Of Cannabis

The History Of Haze

In 1988 Neville introduced the first Haze to Holland. The 'Haze x
NorthernLights F1-Hybrid'
had it's origins in the United States,
where the 'Haze Brothers had been growing the Sativa plants since
the 70's. The price in 'The Seed Bank' catalogue was then $100 for
10 seeds. It nearly became extinct beginning of the 80's because
growers were looking for easier varieties. The Haze brothers
eventually retired, but first made a trip to the Netherlands, where they
met with Neville, a breeder whos name has often been associated
with the Haze and its hybrids even before he was 'the king'. Neville
acquired Haze seeds from them, preserving the strain and using it for
many crosses. Haze requires proffesional care and alot of patience
because of its long season.. but it has been very good for hybridization.
Today, the Haze variety is found in many crosses that are available,
and is a favourite to many 'Sativa Connoisseurs'

Neville (The King Of Cannabis)

Some modern & popular Haze names are;
Northern Lights #5 x Haze, Silver Haze,
Amnesia Haze, G13 Haze, Lemon Haze, Mako Haze, King Arjan's Haze
and of course Neville's Haze (tribute to the King of Cannabis himself).